JackTrip: A System for High-Quality Audio Network Performance over the Internet

“Today’s vast amount of streaming and video conferencing on the Internet lacks one aspect of musical fun: high-quality, near-synchronous musical collaboration. Under the right conditions, the Internet can be used for ultra-low-latency, uncompressed sound transmission. JackTrip supports bidirectional, high quality, uncompressed audio streaming with any number of channels, enabling real-time musical collaboration over the internet.”

I am a Pisound owner and am currently taking a free online course on JackTrip:

I think this could be a project for the Pisound and I am wondering if there’s anyone interested in testing with me. I’ve successfully installed JackTrip on Pi4/patchbox os using apt. The the next step is to see how the Jack audio connections look in patchage, but that requires an active peer-to-peer connection.

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I’m interested in getting this going, and would love to test it out.

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JackTrip is great for remote jamming!

Some friends of mine have adapted it for more than two people to use at a time, and there are Pisounds involved :wink: https://noiseorchestra.org/tag/jacktrip/

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