Jack audio & Midi Web App - Help welcomed

Hello there !
after playing a lot lately with my PiSound and having used a lot jack audio and midi connections, using Carla & Catia usually from kxstudio to do the audio connections , some amidiminder , played a lot with Modep ,… it got me thinking : What if we create a web app that shows the audio and midi ports in a Carla/Catia visual style ?

Can be useful for our headless setups etc .
Im not very experienced in React , but Im trying to build the system . The front end is react and flow library for the node ui style. The back-end will most likely be a python server with a communication of some sort ( osc, plain sockets etc)
there is a python module,python-jackpatch, that can see jack and midi stuff easily , but could not find a python3 version yet.

If you would like to contribute feel free to !

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