Is this how pipe planning works?

Decided to try the editor again today to see if I can get it to do what I want. I’m trying to take multiple channels from input A and process them differently, recombine them and send them to output A. Assuming I have clock coming in too, I have to put a filter on all but one pipes otherwise the sequencer on the output will start running at multiples of clock speed corresponding to the number of pipes. So it seems to me that whatever processing I want to do on say channel 3, the reciprocal of that processing will have to be done on all the other channels coming into input A in order to keep the integrity of my grand midi master plan?

I’m not trying to make the output identical to the input with all this reciprocity but it appears to be essential for some of what I want. Is this what I you do?

You could always filter everything but clock in one pipe which goes directly out to MIDI A, and filter just clock on one pipe which goes to Virtual A. Then you can do your per channel processing on Virtual A input.


Thanks, these virtual pipes seem to be useful…