Is there a pipe that can distribute to all 16 channels at once?


Is there a pipe to send to all 16 channels at the same time? I know distribute but I want to send the same notes to all channels at the same time? Maybe there is an obvious way to do it that I missed? :slight_smile:

Thank you!


I did that recently: Used Channel 10 as an Input and then used three ‘Channel-Remap’ pipes to send the data to 3 other Channels (e. g. from Ch 10 to 10, to Ch7 to 7). If I remember correct, I had to make three rows for these, because using to pipes of those in one row would probably cancel each other out…

It probably is an odd use case for Ch remap, but works great. Didn’t try it for 16 channels though…

Hope this was clear, phone typing is a pain :wink:



Yes, you’d have to do 16 rows with Channel Remap for this, but make sure to filter out other messages than Note On and Note Off, otherwise, you’d get the clock messages, start, stop, as well as other messages without channel, duplicated 16 times too.

However, if using DIN-5 MIDI, this could end up having a noticeable latency, as the bandwidth is limited. So ideally you want to use as little data as possible.

Just curious, what is your use case for this? :slight_smile:


Thank you @Wulli and @Giedrius much appreciated!

Ok so a single pipe for each channel, got it!

Was just curious if there was a simpler way to do this with the MH then manually change all the parts to the same channel on my synths.

Not a common use case for sure, but for layering it could be handy to have a preset if it’s not taxing too much bandwidth.

Just tested on the Kodamo EssenceFM and it did not notice any delay worth mentioning. Sending notes to all 16 channels EssenceFM doesn’t max out until 300 notes so have some headroom even with arp, harmonizer, scale and random MIDI effects coming from the Pyramid into the MH and then sent thru the mioXL to the Kodamo EssenceFM.


Thanks for the tip! Came looking exactly for this.
My use case is just so i can send pitch bend and mod wheel around my Digitakt.
For some godawful reason Elektron refuses to allow the Digitakt to accept incoming pitchbend, modwheel, or aftertouch. Despite it allowing other incoming cc values just fine, including recording the movements of those other CC values into the sequencer.

Also I thought it would be fun to throw a pitch bend on all my synths at once :smile:

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Please let us know how it works out and whether you can notice any latency in playback. :slight_smile:

It does work! I haven’t noticed any latency for me. I’ve filtered out every midi CC and Note except for pitchbend and mod wheel so there wouldn’t be any extraneous data going through.
I only need to do it for channels 9-16 so I doubt I’d get into the territory of saturating the midi bandwidth with the occasional pitchbend.