Is it possible to invert the "transform" values?

I am using the Midihub to adjust the expressivity of the Nord Drum 2. It makes a massive difference to be able to have note velocity tap into some of the sound possibilities of the Nord. However sometimes it would be preferable to flip the CC values to they respond to a low velocity input at the highest point on the scale, and where the hardest strike would drop the CC value lower. I’ve seen that you can do that with the “remapping” settings, but I couldn’t find a way to do it with transforming Midi CC’s. I imagine it would be possible to implement or not, but that’s a realm beyond my naive meanderings in the imaginal sound-field of modelling percussion synthesis …

; )

So you want a low velocity note to go through as is, as well as produce a CC message, and a high velocity note go through, and send a different CC message?