iRig BlueBoard pairing with PI

Anybody know how to pair an iRig BlueBoard with PatchBox OS? I would like to use it as a controller to select patches in ModeP.

Last time I checked, Bluetooth MIDI is not in a ready-and-easy-to-use state yet on Linux & Raspberry Pi. There’s no readily available Bluetooth MIDI service that would be easy to set up and use yet.

That said, I did once manage to make a Bluetooth MIDI device talk with Raspberry Pi, following this guide: Raspberry Pi as USB/Bluetooth MIDI host, but I think I had to do some extra steps, or something differently, I can’t recall exactly.

Thanks for the answer and link! I am going to give this a try and see what happens.

You could plug a CME WIDI Bud Pro into the Pi and it will recognise and connect to the BlueBoard, which should then appear as a MIDI device.