iPad/ iOS APP for MIDIHUB?

Would you please make an iOS/iPad APP?

It would be excellent for on the go!

That’s would be nice for sure, even nice of it could talk over RTP so there would be no need for a cable.

Imagine if the stand alone midi hubs/routers had native iPad apps, that would negate the need for a computer entirely in the setup.:+1:

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+1 please :heart_eyes:

Yes. Plus android. But I don’t think it’s a priority for Blokas yet. It’s a lot of work to keep apps running and I actually prefer that they are focusing on requests for module and hardware solutions prior to that. But yes. It would be nice not to use the computer and sketch ideas.


that would also be a gamechanger for me

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+1 for me, would enable complete mobile studio setup.

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+1 it has been a while now!

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+1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 It would be amazing!

Signed up for the community to request this. The computer app is great but it’d be nice to have the ability to edit pipes on the go. I would be fine with having to connect a dongle if needed for power management.

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Plus 1 for an iPad app for Midihub

Yes, this is the only item left for me to go completely DAWless. Would love to see an iPad app!

you can run it on a Raspberry and control it via VNC wireless, works on Android and OS


Gonna give that a go.

Your profile pic is genius BTW. I definitely smudged my screen trying to smash that bug :joy:

+1 for iOS editor. My live setup contains an iPad, but now I am still forced to always carry a laptop when on the road, just to be able to make changes to the editor. Second and also important problem of the fact that iOS is not supported: I need to disconnect my midihub from iPad to be able to edit. That interrupts the running midi messages. That is not good when it is running live performance. Please consider again to develop editor on IOS.

I am gonna ask for this feature too. I understand that it’s a completely different beast, but I’d pay a fee to have the ability to program my Midihub on my iPad Pro.

+1 for iOS Thanks

+1 for me too! Thank u!