iPad integration


Is it possible to connect the iPad into blokas and send midi from fugue machine into several midi outputs? Using several playheads.

Or do i need a midi usb hub to do that?


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Hello, Midihub can be used with mobile devices and if the app is implemented properly, you see 4 individual MIDI devices. You can use the Midihub Editor to set up the routing of MIDI messages coming into Midihub to individual MIDI DIN-5 outputs.

Same question. I see all 4 channels but for some reason only the first one works (the patch is set correctly).

Just in case, please post the preset you have too.

Hi Giedrius,
Sure. In this example, Iā€™m trying to send A, B, and USB (DAW) Midi signals to all four channels. I tried with a USB to Midi cable and also directly MidHub to iPad, but the result is the same.

Is this the entire preset? To process data sent from iPad to Ports 2 - 4, use FROM USB B - D inputs respectively. To get data sent to the iPad, use TO USB A - D outputs.