Ipad control over pipes editor

would be great to have an ipad to midihub control over the editor loader with realtime midi controls represented through touch controls.

anyone using custom midi panels to control their Midihubs externally?
are all pipes modifiable realtime via midi cc and notes?

I’m using a Faderfox EC4 to control various elements of the Midihub pipelines in real-time, it works very nicely. Haven’t gotten brave enough to create a MIDI loop and write a self-modifying patch, however!

I REALLY want a EC4. I’m using a nanoKontrol…

Yesterday I mapped midihub with my Beatstep pro. Because you can set the control change channels you have a lot of control possibilities. 16x16 rotaries and some additional 16 buttons for bypassing pipes/arpeggiators/whatever with. It lacks the benefit of naming controllers that the EC4 has but it was really fun to control 6 arpeggiators and their control parameters with.

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