Inverted TRS Midi polarity

I just discovered that the SP-404MK2, when used in conjunction with a TRS-MIDI adapter “borrowed” from my OG Novation Circuit (if this is adapter-specific…), does not work. After extensive troubleshooting cluded in by a WIDI Jack which does offer a switch to control TRS MIDI type A/B switching inversion, I realized the blokas midihub supports only one mode of operation. This is a pity because it effectively requires that I order an additional widi jack just to provide the inversion (but also mostly relieved to benefit from one less cable this way :wink:

Please correct me if I’m wrong about midihub support and/or whether someone can clarify that I should simply find an alternative MIDI-TRS adapter.

Hey, there’s only a single DIN-5 port MIDI connector standard, making Midihub able to swap the signals around would make it break the standard.

You should find a compatible DIN-5 adapter for your device. You can find a great summary on the TRS MIDI port types here:

If you need to combine Type A and Type B ports, there might be someone selling an integrated adapter that does the conversion using only TRS jacks, but a conventional way would be to get Type A ↔ DIN5 and a DIN5 ↔ Type B adapters, and just use a DIN-5 cable between the devices.

I see, thanks for the clarification about the need for an alternative TRS adapter. It totally makes sense that you want to avoid breaking the DIN-5 MIDI standard.