Invert bypass (NOT operator)

Hello, is it somehow possible to “invert” the way “bypass” works when mapped (as a developer, that would be “NOT bypass”)? My controller (studiologic mixface) has toggle buttons which send note on and off; and I’d like a given pipe to be enabled (not bypassed) when receiving note on, and disabled at note off. In other words, the toggle button would enable the pipe.

Hey, we plan to work on extending the parameter mapping system, so use cases like this would be accommodated. It’ll still take a little while though.


I just encountered this issue, hopefully not (and other useful things, like variables) will be available soon, but in the interim I put together a workaround that might be useful if you use the CC (or CH) range filter, and click the “drop in range” to filter out the cc you want, then you can use a button to bypass this; which then let’s through the cc. Hope that makes sense.
Cheers, Sean.

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