"internal" CCs & a settings table pipe

  1. It would be lovely to be able to set up internally routed CCs that aren’t for other devices but just for pipes to communicate with each other.

As a simple example I could have a CCLFO set to ICC 01 and then have another CCLFO where rate is mapped to ICC01 so I could create an LFO with a modulated rate.

  1. A simple way to extrapolate one CC changes into many.

You have a table of some dimension. At the top of the table you may choose a CC as an input, and four CCs as an output.

In each successive row a range of input CC values would determine output CC values for the CCs.

Currently I alter various CCs on program changes externally and it quite quickly becomes a lot of work remembering all the CCs I need to change from patch to patch

@spectralpgh I agree that this sort of internal mapping would open up a lot of possibilites.
@Giedrius has mentioned that something along those lines is in development so I’m intrigued to find out what that is in more detail.

Using current firmware, I have achieved something like what you’re after using a physical loopback but not with rate [1].

  • I kept all my “modifier” LFOs in one pipeline and took that out of D. outD was physically connected to inD
  • I put my target LFOs in a 2nd pipeline and proceeded to
  • successively map targets by disabling all but one of the “modifiers” before clicking the chosen Map for the target LFO.
  • And repeat. (a configurable MIDI controller temporarily connected to D would shortcut this!)

I used this to modify LFO phase and depth. This technique can also be used to modify the modifiers…
If that’s of interest, I’ll post up an example.

[1] For my purposes, CC values are too coarse when mapped to the full Hz Rate range of Midihub’s LFO (so I’m hoping that any new mapping functionality will also enable us to specify upper&lower LFO rate limits to map CC values 0-127 to - @Giedrius please!). Sometime, I might play around with using the above technique to make discrete jumps in LFO rate by rescaling down to just a few values, but that’s another project.

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