Intermittent clip LED behavior?

Hi there,

balenaOS 2.58.6+rev1, Pi 4 (4gb)

My pisound has functioned flawlessly as an audio input device, except the clip LED is intermittent.

I’ve noticed that the clip led does not always light when the audio is clearly clipping. As a test I used a DAC/amp to clip the audio as much as possible. The audio that the pisound captured while doing this was entirely unlistenable due to clipping, but the clip led did not light at all. Previously, I’ve observed the clip LED working as intended on a Pi 3, but I have also observed the clip LED not function on the same Pi 3. I do not know what might have caused it to work in some cases and not others. Does anyone have any general insight on how the pisound clip LED functions?

Thank you, and any help would be greatly appreciated!