Instructions Compiling MOD plugins with mod-plugin-builder

Here instructions in case you want to build plugins for the raspberry pi 4 64 bit OS.
It takes a while but its worth the effort.

Not sure they will work with modep since I use regular mod software from github. I leave here instructions for that too , note that modep should be uninstalled first and its not super tested.
Maybe someone could config the plugin builder to build for raspberries running 32 bit OS os Patchbox in the future.

Instructions for building plugins

Install scripts for latest Mod software

Use at your own risk!

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I tried building the plugins on Ubuntu 20 and ran into some issues. At first it was missing tools then I had to upgrade crostool-ng. It then ran for about an hour and failed. It was late so I decided to try again another day. What os did you use to build these?

@jtemple967 I answered you in the gist page. I forgot to add the full list of dependencies that are specified on the mpb repository. Try again and let us know. I use a debian 11 VM

We have updated our plugin build guide. You can find it here - Platform: LV2 Plugins · patchstorage/patchstorage-docs Wiki · GitHub