Installing on Pi Zero W with Zero Raspberry pi sound card

Any pointers installing Patchbox on a Zero W?
I have read that some people have gotten it running and working. but I personally haven’t had any luck.

I will be using a Pi Zero W and Zero Raspberry pi sound card via GPIO.

note: I want to try it on a zero so I can get better battery life.
Right now I have a Pi 3B+ installed in an acoustic guitar, with a 3 watt amp powering 2 vibration / contact speakers. sounds amazing! but using 6 AA @ 9v, through 2 DC converters (switching power supplies) I get only 15~20 mins! it chews through batteries super quick.

I’ve had luck installing Patchbox OS to a Pi Zero W using Raspberry Pi Imager to flash the OS image to the SD card. Where have you been running into issues with your install?


Ok, I got it to boot Patchbox OS, but I can’t use a USB sound card without it hanging. Or (more importantly) I can not use the audio Injector Zero without it acting terribly glitchy. (remote ssh is super slow, audio is awfully glitchy, etc)

what settings do you change, if any to make it run smoothly?

I have tried the following images:

Fresh a Patchbox OS image (works but hangs when I connect or boot with a usb sound card, does not hang with audio injector zero, but is super slow to ssh in to etc). Also an image of my SD from the Pi 3b+ with audio injector zero already setup. (that former works, but is terribly glitchy)

Once you connect to its hotspot it becomes unusable and the wifi sounds manifest themselves in the processed audio.

Update: I got an SD image of my Pi 3B+ to operate with the audio Injector Zero installed. I think it was so glitchy testing this method before because my Pi 3b+ image had pedal boards with 5~7 effects running.

I reduced the patches to 1 effect each for now (20~40% cpu load on the zero) and it seems ok.