Install SD Card Copier?

Any chance we could get the sd card copier utility installed in PatchBox OS? I think it’s in the full version of Raspian, but PatchBox OS is based on Raspian Lite. Is that correct?

The reason for wanting SD Card Copier is to make it more convenient for making a backup copy of the SD card. Currently, I have to remove it and copy it on my Windows machine.

If there’s a better way, I’d like to hear it! NOTE: I don’t have any other Linux machine, just several Raspberry Pi’s and Windows 10.


You may install any Raspbian software on Patchbox OS, I googled around and figured out that the apt-get package for SD Card Copier is actually named ‘piclone’, so to install it, just do:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install piclone

Thanks for the help. Will try. Who knew sd card copier would be called “piclone”. :slight_smile:

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dd is your friend