Install Modep On PC

Hello guys,
I’m really hyped about MODEP but I want to try it by myself before any purchase.
I have no R-pi, so i was thinking install it on an celeron Laptop (who actually run win10) with my soundcard and eventually a midi controller.

But i’m only used to reinstall windows so how should i proceed ?
So I suppose I have to install patchbox OS first, do you have any tutorial or advice ?

Try it in a Pi emulator in Windows.

Why i don’t think it first xD

this will work with external soundcard ?

I tried qemu but I can’t run patchbox, only the wheezy raspbian include.
I modified the “run.bat” to make him call the “2020-11-23-Patchbox” but qemu don’t run.

Someone can tell me what i missed plz ?

You can also have a look at :

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Thanks for tips, i tried my best but took me lot of time for no results.
I couldn’t build image et the “readme” is not beginners friendly