Importing Patches from USB

I tried to import some patches via USB with the Android app. The patches are some I use successfully on the Organelle.

The patches seem to be successfully imported via app and appear in the collection. However if I run them, it just shows the keyboard control in the app but nothing else. Also there is no sound. I tried adding a “blokas.yml” file in the patch folder with the entry point “main.pd”. That did not help.

I would be happy if anyone had a suggestion, how to do this the correct way. Do I have to edit or enhance the Organelle-Patches in some way?

Edit: So I figure you have to manually add those .json files to tell the app which parameters to display? Is this correct?

Is there any other way to visualize the parameters (and interact with the patch) other than the Pisound App?

Hey, yes, you have to expose the parameters that are controllable in the patch, see this tutorial:

Thank you for your reply. I tried this but could not get any Organelle-patch to work just by adding the “.json”-File with the parameters.

Later I found this thread which made it clear, Organelle patches need to be adapted to run on Patchbox OS.

Closing this thread as my “issue” has nothing to do with the original question, i.e. the Pisound app.

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