Ignore notes with veloctiy below a certain (low) value

Hello !
As I have trouble with the keys of my controller (keyboard) which are too sensitive. I want to ignore notes when I don’t press hard on them, to avoid unwanted played notes.

I want, for example, that all the notes below a velocity of, let’s say, 80 will be ignored : I mean that they won’t event transmit their “note on” information to the chain…

I don’t know know how to do that but I’m Sure it’s very simple.

Anyone has an idea ?

Use Transform’s Work with Velocity in Range Low|High properties

One way:

  • Transform Note On with velocity 0-79 to Tune Request or some other message you don’t use
  • Filter Tune Request out with next pipe

Check that your sound modules don’t complain when they receive orphaned Note Off messages.

It works ! thanks a lot

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