iConnectMidi1 Interface vanished after apt-get upgrade?

Hi there - I had my Patchbox OS Raspberry Pi 4 working great…and then I ran apt-get upgrade. After the updates and a reboot, my iConnectMIDI1 USB MIDI interface is not visible anywhere. This is the second time this has happened (I rebuilt my Pi4 last week, not understanding what happened - now I realize what I did last time, the upgrade). Are we not supposed to run upgrade on Patchbox OS? Thank you for any suggestion as to how to get my MIDI interface back.

Hey, looks like the latest apt updates interferes with the real time kernel which is quite an older version - there’s still no stable up to date version of the kernel available.

You may switch to the stock, but stable, kernel using patchbox config utility, in the kernel menu, it should help with the USB.

The performance of the system shouldn’t be impacted much.

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I switched to the non-realtime kernel and my MIDI interface became visible again. I just went through an iteration of reformatting Patchbox OS a third time to get back realtime - this time I tried to selectively do upgrades via Synaptic Package Manager. I didn’t think I picked anything that would affect USB or MIDI but MIDI vanished yet again. Switching to the non-realtime kernel worked, but I’m still trying to sort out what update breaks my USB interface. The one that might have been it based on what I picked may have been ‘raspberry pi performance optimizations’ but its just a guess.

It’s likely some system libraries that get updated (might be a dependency of one of the packages) and break the compatibility with 4.19-rt kernel.