I can't see the ssid


I’m new user, i want to start mith a zero pi w ;
i can’t acces to the first login page , i can’t see the ssid of the hotspot.

I tryed then with a pi3, and noway to see the ssid too.

Can anywone help me on this please?

Hi, which image are you trying to run, Patchbox or MODEP? Does it show anything if you connect it to a display?

Hi, I’ve got the same problem with Patchbox OS and Pi Zero W. Got a screen connected. The startup log says that Wifi Hotspot is started but the ‘Patchbox’ ssid isn’t visible. Tested on different devices. I’ve read this could be a power supply issue and changed to a very strong and confirmed one. But no change occured.
I also have the issue that none of my keyboards is recognised. That also would get me ahead.
Thanks in advance for any help!

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Patchbox for me. The display work Well on a screen wired To the pi3 (I didnt test on the zero)

What is the output of:

sudo systemctl status wifi-hotspot

Instead of wifi-hotspot, you may have to use ‘pisound-hotspot’ on MODEP.

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Thank you for helping. The command return that the hotspot is running on my thow divices…

The response I posted here is relevant to this thread: Connecting hotspot to Lemur on iPhone