I can't see the collection in the app

Hi friends, I have done a fresh install of raspbian and pure data to run patches from the app. I have been able to import and run patches from the root but when I go to the app in collection there are only the scripts in the system folder. What can I do to see the puredata-patches folder in the app?

Thanks in advance.

Hey, which method did you use to install everything? It must be missing one new dependency, you may install it using this command:

sudo apt install pisound-ctl-scripts-puredata

Hey Giedrius! Thank you very much it’s solved, works fine now. I used the @mzero tutorials to install both. Now I have a new trouble, when I push the button with or without Usb run the first patch that’s I ran even if I put a new patch on the USB it runs the same. Also when i put your code it started running pure data in the foreground and now it started running in the background and I would like it to run in the foreground.

Try having a terminal window running on the Desktop when starting the patch, somehow it helps the script find the X display to use.

Does the USB contain a single patch? If not, it just runs the very first patch it finds, that is named ‘main.pd’, or has ‘blokas.yml’ using search, it does not sort by date.

Or do you mean patches from SD card get started, even though you have a patch on USB?

The patch on USB named main.pd doesn’t run now, the first patch that I first ran with the USB runs before the new install. I think it has more to do with the /media folder.

What are the full paths of the patches that run and don’t run? Are both of them available on the system at the same time?

I don’t know what is the path of patch that run, it’s run with the button even when don’t usb connected.

I have checked again and the patch that is running is the last one that I imported from the USB.