How to use TouchOSC with MODEP?

Ok i have ad IPAD with TouchOSC Mk1 installed. I want to control my patchbox pedalboard.
I have enabled OSC in TouchOSC configuration and set the HOST address to my pachbox device.
I also configured outgoing port 12101 and incoming port 9000.
Both IPAD and pachbox are on the same wifi network.
On patchbox device with the command “netstat -l” i found a listening udp socket on port 12101
On modep application i selected separated mode and set in the MIDI port the touchosc Midi 1 (in+out).
Everything seems ok but when i try to activate midi learn to map a control nothing happen. Using the tcpdump command i see incoming udp packet on port 12101 so the patchbox is receiving the events. It seems that these event are not recived by modep. I also try with aggregated mode with the same result.

I’ve done something wrong ??
Tnx for help

You must make sure your Touch OSC UI controls are set to send MIDI messages.

I monitored the messages with Protokol, all seems normal, so i unistalled the Touchosc MK from Ipad and reinstalled again from Apple Store. Now it works. However i didn’t understand what the problem was. May be an outdated Touchosc MK version.