How to use Hub (e.g. with Mio)?

A general question using my midihub - i do also own a iconnectivity mio and dont know if i should link them in order to control midi data from ipad? for example i connect my ipad with a camera adapter via usb to a small sound interface and my pc - thus i connect the usb to a focusrite 6i6 in order for audio outputs going into my rme fireface inputs. In order to use my korg synth as a midi controller do I have to connect it with my mio and/or midihub and/or rtpmidi for midi as well - in order to configure the virtual knobs of a moog app (to automate them within ableton)? the only thing i know by now there is the usage of an external instrument (via the i/o) and midi via keyboard. how i connect the virtual app knobs from ipad to pc for ableton (midi data)? I am not sure where to get such a specific solution … Thx in advance. Cheers

You should have Midihub connected directly to the PC via USB, you may connect the iPad via the mio to Midihub’s input and output ports, and have Midihub route that data to the PC. By default, when the preset is completely empty, Midihub routes all the MIDI ports to the PC and back, but once you start building your preset, you’ll have to explicitly build the needed route, so in this case, if you’ve connected to MIDI A ports, you’d place:


and the PC can send & receive the data on the first Midihub port it sees (MIDI Port Mapping - Midihub Documentation)