How to get the film off the case

Any hints as to how to get the film off the pieces of the acrylic case? Being a guitarist, my nails are as short as I can get them. Suggestions, please?


Some slim tweezers might help, the most important part is lifting the film off the edge, once you can grip it with your fingers, all of it should easily come off. :slight_smile:

The odd thing is that there is supposed to be a blue film. But the pieces look correct as they are (frosted white). Is it possible there is no film on the new ones? I can’t see anything on any of the peices.

Yes, it’s possible - occasionally during packaging we double check the quality of the panels, that requires peeling the film off. The film is light blue colored, so it sounds like we took it off for you already. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I was going crazy trying to get it off without actually seeing anything that looks like film.