How to duplicate harmonize chord output to other channel

Is it possible to duplicate the chord output from harmonize chords parallel on different channels without duplicate the process horizontal?
For Example the triads should go to channel 1 and channel 15 simultaneously.

Hey, you may use a Transform pipe for this, just place it after the Harmonizer, and use settings like these:


Giedrius’ solution is nice & concise.

FYI, if you want to add the option* of treating ch1&15 notes differently (eg. lowering an octave, dropping some notes with Chance, etc, etc) you can always send the Transform into a virtual Pipe and then Channel Filter 1/15 in separate pipelines.
(so many choices ~ Welcome to Midihub!)

*remember, these “options” can be switched on & off by mapping the Bypass flag for any Pipe!


This helped a lot. Thanks Giedrius this safes me so many unnecessary pipes !

Just for completeness, here’s a couple of patches for anyone visiting this later. Both have a ScaleRemap to ‘force’ the pitches to onto a scale irrespective of what root note has been hit.
(both also have abbreviated notes in the Description Panel)

  1. First version throws in a bit of variability for the duplicated channel. DuplicateHarmony0.mhp (806 Bytes)

  2. Second version changes the Pipe order so that extra harmonies can be added to only the duplicated channel. DuplicateHarmony1.mhp (878 Bytes)

PS. Here I mapped from a different port&channel. This just cos my Keystep’s knobs don’t have a nice notch for 0 semitones. This is useful to “turn off” extra harmonies.
For a performance, I think I’d set up multiple “toggle” switches on a controller each sending out a different on-value for the same CC to set the change harmony quickly and precisely

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