How to deal with an MSB/LSB only parameter?

As mentioned earlier, I’m remapping a Modal Cobalt8 to control a Moog Sirin to make a Blue Grandma so that I won’t want to buy a Grandmother whose price just went up 40% for some crazy reason…

it appears that the volume out control on the Sirin is an MSB/LSB only CC (7 MSB / 39 LSB) - there seems to be no option for a low resolution CC volume control

The Cobalt volume knob is CC7 when i turn it, it controls the Sirin volume, but also seems to change the speed of the arp somehow (the Sirin has no arp)

I know midihub doesn’t support MSB/LSB for fine control, but is there a way I can turn the MSB/LSB volume on the Sirin intro a low res single CC that I can control via the Midihub? Or some other solution so I can control the SIrin volume via the Cobalt volume know without side effects?

hey, @starsixnine

Now you’ve got your Monitor working, try testing and isolating:
find your arp, change settings to stop it†

of course..

…I’m assuming that the arp is Cobalt’s and not Midihub’s or some other gear

AFAIcan see, you’ve got the answers to the rest: CC#7 is doing just what you want (CC#7 is your ‘low-res’/‘coarse’!)

† it may be that one of your challenges is that you’re using a complex device as a mere controller: it may well do all sorts of other stuff every time you move a control – until you tell it to stop it, it wants to be a super-powerful synth!

I just see CC 7 being output on that pipe! no idea what’s going on

and there’s no midihub arp anywhere in the pipe

the arp speed CC or clock speed, division etc shouldn’t be affected

that’s what I thought but alas …

indeed - but i need to figure out what the hell it is!

Cobalt is made to be used as a midi controller, but the designers expect it to be paired with “midi learn” software synths, not hardware that needs to be remapped

then where’s the arp?

the arp is on the cobalt - i had it turned on, and noticed that when i turned the volume knob it would change the volume, but also speed up and then go back to normal speed

So it’s a Cobalt issue (unless you’re feeding MIDI back into Cobalt from MH or S)

yes it must be but can’t figure out how to identify it - the monitor just shows cc7 - maybe there’s something somewhere in the pipes that I messed up

like i said in another post every single knob seems to be controlling two cc’s at once for some reason