How to copy events from a Channel to others?


Easy question for you all I guess. I will try to be clear as possible.

I am trying to send the same midi message to 4 different channels on the same midi output. Basically a key note from a midi controller (MIDI in 1, Ch1) to the MIDI out 1, Ch1, Ch2, Ch3, Ch4.
Here I am willing to use the 4 individual inputs of the Vermona Perfourmer but with one midi source. I understand there are some ways to filter or discard events, but how do you copy (and not dispatch) ?

Thanks for your time !


Hi Clement,

I would use the CH Remap modifier combined with virtual Input/Output. Eg. you want to pass note message from MIDI Input A to MIDI Output A on channel 1 and 2:

  • first pipe simply passes through the channel 1 message from your MIDI keyboard (MIDI Input A) to Virtual A
  • second pipe transforms the message from MIDI A channel 1 to channel 2 and passes it to Virtual A
  • third pipe passes Virtual A to MIDI Output A, containing the message on both channels 1 & 2 then

You can replicate the second pipe to do the same thing for channel 3, 4 … Another approach might be using the Dispatcher modifier but I don’t know if does exactly what you want to achieve.

Cheers SF


Thanks !

I just tested it, and it works perfectly fine for the 4 channels ! Your picture definitely helped me.

Thanks again !


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