How to change the hotspot IP and DHCP range (Cardinal for mod duo maybe working in MODEP)


I uploaded the mod duo version of Cardinal to patchbox and it seems to load ok, but at the moment in order to connect to Cardinal the MODEP needs to be reachable at

I tried to change the patchbox`s hotspot ip using /etc/dhcpcd.conf and /etc/dnsmasq.conf but that didnt work. So where would I configure these in Patchbox Os?

the mod duo version can be downloaded from Cardinals github under actions nightly builds.

Edit the wifi-hotspot.conf

The WiFi hotspot is implemented by patchbox-wifi package, source:

An alternative would be to build from source and change the IP here: Cardinal/CardinalRemote.cpp at ca5bfd6270cd4ad42fa5e22bebb7d152f9c67f7d · DISTRHO/Cardinal · GitHub

or even overwriting "" string occurrences in the binary build with "" or another IP would work, as long as the character count is lower than the original string and you end it with a \0 (null) byte.

thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I was able to connect to the Cardinal plugin after editing the correct dhcp range into wifi-hotspot.conf and the correct static address to (or something like that). I can confirm that Cardinal works in modep. :smiley: Perfomance is completely usable according to my brief tests. 4 voice 2 osc subtractive synth pad used about half of dsp at 48khz and was at 80% at 96khz.

I did encounter a couple of bugs while I was fiddling around:

  1. saving presets of individual plugins doesnt work, the saved user presets disappear after reboot. I think this has something to do with the environmental variables set in the mod-ui service. user data and lv data paths. i was able to fix this in my pistomp install by messing around with the user data and lv2 data paths if i recall correctly.

  2. if wifi has been used to connect to an existing network and the hotspot is on, patchbox does both. so after a couple of seconds after boot hotspot is connectable, but patchbox then connects to a wlan nework and hotspot craps out. I was able to work around this by connecting to the network again and provding it with an empty password, in effect “forgetting” the network. Would be nice to be able to forget a wlan network in the patchbox control app.

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