How to assign pots and/or the button to pedalboards

Hi, I am quite new and my first project is to get familiar with MODEP.
Everything went soooo smooth, ssh with mdns, a few clicks, updates, connecting to the MODEP GUI…

I am wowed!!

Now, I am working through how to use the MODEP GUI, or more specifically, how it can interact with the pisound hardware. Right now, I hear my guitar playing fine through the pisound, through an “Ambience (MDA)” plugin.
The left pisound poti seems to control the “level”, the right poti the overall volume.
However, following the MOD devices wiki page, I am stuck at 2.4 assigning parameters.

I want to try to assign the left poti to the “roomsize” parameter. However, it only suggests assigning “MIDI” where I currently do not have any MIDI device attached.

Please advise :slight_smile: I would also be greatly interested in any sort of writeup that details the differences between hardware interaction and configuration to the MOD DUO devices, and further DIY-configuration wrt. MODEP. I am fluent in python and bash/sh, but wouldn’t start hacking until I explored all configuration options that are readily available through GUI to not steer totally wrong ^^.

Really great stuff though, blokaslabs, you make my entry into this DIY consumer hardware soooo easy!

Thank you for the kind words! :slight_smile:

The pots on Pisound are completely analog, one of them controls the input gain level, the other controls the output volume level. They are not accessible in software, as they’re placed entirely in the analog signal domain.

You should use some MIDI controller to assign the controls - first select the ‘MIDI Learn’ option, save the settings, and then move a control on the MIDI controller to get it assigned.

OK, very reasonable. Thanks for the explanation with the potis :slight_smile:

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