How to add more buttons?

Hey folks!

I’d love to add more buttons but I don’t know how to bridge all my buttons with GND since there is only one hole available - is there an easy solution to this I don’t see?


Hi, you can connect an external prototyping board (breadboard) which lets you make multiple connections to a single jumper, this way you can share the GND with multiple jumpers and parts.

Or you could take a 1 way strip male header, and bridge the connection between adjacent pins with a tinned copper wire, so all of the pins are connected together and you may connect more female jumper cables to GND net.

I suggest searching for electronics prototyping techniques using breadboards, etc… on the net for possible solutions. :slight_smile:

That is good input! Thanks for the help - I will try the 1-way-strip-male-header-bridging solution. Not sure how to mount it yet.