How is modep pronounced?, and other comments on it

Strange question, but I recently made an extensive video showing two pisounds connected together, one running headless Sonic Pi3 and the other headless modep, the whole controlled by a TouchOSC interface running on my iPad. I didn’t really know how to pronounce modep is it
Perhaps someone from blokas can attach a .wav with the correct way to say it!

If you are interested the video is at

I also think a usage tutorial on the web interface to modep would be a good idea.
I’ve played around with it quite a bit and have sussed most of the operations, but it took a bit of finding out.

One other point, I find that the successive pushes of the button to select stored setups have to be incredibly rapid, or they are interpreted as single presses. I’ve not studied the scripts in detail yet, but it would be nice to have a slightly longer delay before a press is interpreted as being single rather than multiple.

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We pronounce it like MO-DEP :slight_smile:

You could change the click delay here:

After changing it, run from the pisound/pisound-btn folder:

make sudo cp pisound-btn /usr/local/bin/pisound-btn

It should overwrite the installed pisound-btn binary with the modified click delay. Running sudo make install would overwrite the MODEP customized button scripts, in case you do run sudo make install, you’d have to restore the backed up scripts from /usr/local/etc/pisound-backups/ to /usr/local/etc/pisound.