How do I stop monitoring audio?

Hi all,

I’m wondering how to turn off patchbox’s “direct monitoring”, where any audio coming through the system capture is apparently routed to system playback (as mentioned here).

To explain the problem I’m having more concretely: I have a usb audio interface, with the audio in connected to my phone (which is playing music), and audio out connected to some speakers. Without any audio applications open, I can hear the music playing (what I’m calling "direct monitoring). This suggests system capture is somehow being routed to system output. How do I turn this off?

I have uninstalled pulseaudio, and killed my jack server, so I really have no idea where this routing is controlled. Running ps aux doesn’t show any processes containing phrases like alsa, audio, jack, etc.

Thanks for your help!

Check out alsamixer, maybe it’s some card specific audio controls there that forwards data directly to output. (Try all the F4, F5 etc keys shown on screen too, by default it only shows playback related controls, and of the first audio card, so so you have to select your USB card, and also check out the recording/capture controls too)

Patchbox OS is not monitoring audio by default, especially so if Jack is turned off.

Thank you, that did the trick! I was able to turn off the monitoring by opening up alsamixer and muting the “Mic” entry within the playback tab (which is different from the “Mic” mentioned in the capture tab!)

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