How can I switch off the start up scripts?

Hey. I am using patchbox os with a hifi-berry soundcard. I don’t use the apps to control anything. Just midi controller.

When the rpi starts it takes long time starting different scripts. How can I switch them off since I don’t need them?

Which apps do you have in mind? ORAC / Pure Data?

I use pure data - no ORAC.

So which app do you want not to run on startup?

if you aren’t using Pisound, you can disable pisound-ctl and pisound-btn services, it might slightly improve the boot time.

sudo systemctl disable pisound-ctl
sudo systemctl disable pisound-btn

It takes at least 7 seconds starting and stopping the “pisound companion app”. I think this happens because I switched off bluetooth.

Do you know how to switch that off?

Use sudo systemctl disable pisound-ctl

Great! Thanks. I will do that.