Home WiFi not found

im having some difficulties with connecting to my hone wifi using the wizard. Only a fraction of the available wifi connections are shown by the wizard and unfortunalty my one is not one the list. any hints?
settings below



To fix pisound-config’s WiFi menu, run sudo pisound-config , pick ‘Update Pisound’ option, after that, the hotspot config menu should work.

Was the Raspberry Pi able to connect to your home WiFi via the GUI widget in the desktop environment before?

Yes i have succesfully connected in the past
If i scan on other devices 10-15 visible wifi connections appear . However only 5 or so are visible on the pi?

@Randomaztec try running sudo wpa_cli -i wlan0 list_networks & sudo iwlist wlan0 scan and let us know if your network is shown in the output.

Nope its not listed there , just the same five as listed in the manage wifi mode

Hmm, I’m not sure what to suggest next… These OS commands are used as the source of wireless networks for the patchbox-config, so if they can’t find any, then something is wrong in a hard to pinpoint place. :slight_smile:

The Patchbox OS does not really have any customizations in WiFi area from stock Raspbian OS, apart from maybe having the different configuration of Linux kernel.

Could you verify whether using regular Raspbian Lite or Desktop image sees the WiFi and connects successfully? If so, what you could try next is to install the latest regular Raspbian kernel by doing sudo rpi-update and checking again.