High Speed SSD Options?

I’ve seen several articles and videos about high-speed M.2 SSD (solid-state drive) hacks for Raspberry Pi 4b which is a compact way of booting and running from a USB external drive mounted on board, and even faster solutions make use of custom carrier boards for the bare-bones Raspberry CM4 module.

Since this is faster read-write speeds faster than a microSD Card, has any research been done on compatibility with the Pisound?

Example GeekWorm M.2 SSD Adapter Card

Example of the CM4 MirkoPC Carrier Board with M.2 SSD NVMe Boot
Mirko at Twitter

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We haven’t heard of anyone using such a setup with Pisound yet, but in theory, it shouldn’t impact compatibility with Pisound at all, as long as the whole system is getting enough power through the power supply. :slight_smile:

There are several kits available and I only got confirmation on the correct kit and specific type of memory I need for this. I will post my progress with assembling but could use some help with optimizing configuration and benchmarking its performance afterwards.


As you know, I have been working on adding high-speed mass storage options to my pisound.
Jeff Geerling recently shared news of Raspberry Pi OS now having built-in SATA support.

Find the blog post here


I have done this with the MODEP package and a USB audio interface. It works great.

I not done this with a Pisound yet – mine just arrived today. I’ll do an update once I get to setup the card.