Help with setting up a pipe to convert a cc to another

I have a Suzuki midi melodion and a mc 101

The Suzuki transmits ,fixed note velocity , midi volume (cc7) and aftertouch when you blow into it and press a key , according to logic

The mc records the fixed note velocity , but doesn’t record the midi volume and aftertouch , the Suzuki does trigger the values of those two things as I can see them move in the tone settings when I blow into it , the problem with the mc is that it only records 4 cc lanes 80-83 , they correspond to the four knobs on the front panel , you can then assign parameters to those knobs , so I can assign level(cc7) to one knob and the aftertouch to another .
What I need to do is convert cc 7 to cc83 and after touch to cc 81 so I can record the aftertouch and volume changes
I’ve been messing around today trying to set this up to no avail , so I’d appreciate some help .
I’ll upload some screenshots of how I’m trying to set up the pipe

I’ve got a little further after reading some threads here and looking at some examples , I’m getting the mc to record some of the cc values , it’s not working properly tho.
This is what I’ve set up so far , tho I’ve been changing bits around , I’ve got two pipes ( tho now I’m thinking I should merge them into one using a virtual port )

one for the volume and one for the aftertouch,( there’s actually 3 pipes in the image , the 3rd pipe I set up first for note on/off , that still actually sends everything, I think I need to filter out everything apart from note messages on that one) unless I can merge all three things into one pipe ?

In the other two pipes I’ve set a channel filter , filtering out 2-16 , then a filter blocking every thing apart from cc and aftertouch, on the cc pipe , I’ve set a cc range filter , and blocked cc 1-6 , 8-127 ( I think) so only cc 7 is getting through, then a transformer, transforming cc to cc , I’m assuming that as only 7 is getting through I don’t need to tell the transformer the cc I want to change , I have set it to, change to cc 83 .
The other pipe transforms aftertouch to cc 81 using pressure

Ok , I think I’ve got it , I can rec on both the converted cc numbers with identical values , and it plays back pretty well , it’s definitely recording my breath which is triggering the mc tone using midi volume , without there being a midi note .

Here’s my pipe if anyone can look at it and see if I can improve it .

my pipe.mhp (332 Bytes)

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The preset looks fine. :slight_smile:

Yes, any CC passing through that Transform pipe will get converted to CC 83. Another way to do it would be to put in a CC Remap pipe, and set In Low 0, In High 127, Out Low and Out High both to 83.

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Thanks for the reply , I’d overlooked cc remap , so I’ll set cc 7 to remap to 83 instead of transforming it .

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