Help: Creating “midi knob control banks” or reassigning multiple midi CC knobs in bulk with midi

Wondering if you can offer some suggestions. Essentially what I’m trying to do is use the MidiHub and a midi knob controller and give myself the ability to control more parameters than the knob box has.

I have a Behringer BCR2000, which among other things has 4 midi assignable buttons, and 24 midi cc assignable knobs, but I think this would apply to most Midi knob boxes.

24 knobs is not quite enough for what I’d like to do, so my thought was to find a way to remap the CC numbers with a button press or some kind of Midi value change.

So in other words, knob 1 outputs CC#1, but when it received a specific CC or even midi note on a specified channel via a midi button press, knob 1 is remapped to CC#25, and all of the other 24 knobs would do the same to another specified midi CC number.

I know you can remap CCs, but how would you do that in bulk and from one specific group of CCs to another specific group, and then be able to that again to another third or even fourth group, and have that be controlled with Midi in some way?

I can’t seem to wrap my head around it. Any suggestions?

There are a few ways one can do this sort of thing @hyperstationjr,
they will all probably use virtual mappings.

How to approach it specifically will depend on both the pattern (or lack thereof) of the actual CC bank ids,
and how economical in terms of pipes you need to be.

Do you have a list of the “more than 24” CC#'s (and their channels) you need?
Will their usage need them to fall into distinct banks, eg, 5 banks of 6 of 4 banks of 7?

Seeing what your specific desired outcome is will help in deciding the best strategy for your set-up.

I only need two pipes for other uses, sending midi in and out from DIN to a single USB channel.

Otherwise I don’t really care about how many pipes it takes, but I would like it to be manageable.

The caveat is it would need to be specific CC IDs, because the device I’m trying to control uses certain CCs for specific functions (17 is octave shift, 80 starts and stops the internal clock, 123 turns all notes off, etc.) that I don’t want to control via the knob controller, so it wouldn’t be a continuous number string ideally, if that makes sense.

I can get a specific list, but I’ll need some time to pull a screenshot.

If need be, I could just not engage certain parameters by hand, but it would be easier if they weren’t present at all.

Ideally the banks would be in groups of 24, and ideally there would be 4 or 5 banks.

OK, that’s useful:

  • so it seems the completed patch would be entirely devoted to the “CC Bank Remap” task
  • some of the CC are effectively switches
  • and we’re talking maybe 120 all told

I just wrote a q.lengthy ‘what if’ sketch†, then thought

“what about the pickup values?”

So let’s say knob13 on your BCR is Resonance in Bank1 and Reverb Wet/Dry in Bank5.
The BCR doesn’t know you’ve switched the “meaning” when you switch bank 1 → 5 → 1
and so will be “wrong” for each new Bank until you get move the knob back to “right” position for that Bank.

I dunno the BCR2000 but I’d assume (from fact its encoders are endless) that, if you switch bank/template in the BCR it recalls the last values for that template.

So I guess the question then becomes

“How much can you do in the BCR before you ask Midihub to translate the rest for your synth?”

† I’ll keep that back in case it becomes relevant

I did a post on this a while back. It’s pretty easy to do and even easier now with virtual mappings.

(Using 1 Control to switch banks of controls) .

I’ll build up a patch if you have any trouble following the post.

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