Headless boot lock up

Just put patchbox os on a card and configured it as console boot with default configuration. No MODEP or PureData or anything special config. If I have a monitor connected, it boots and works fine. If I disconnect the monitor, it is getting stuck somewhere in the boot process. The hotspot WiFi comes up and I can connect, but I can’t ping or ssh to the board. Can anyone suggest a fix?

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Not sure if ssh is enabled on Patchbox by default. Have you tried connecting via VNC or RDP?

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Enable persistent system log storage, reproduce the problem, then reboot with monitor and inspect the logs, you may post them here too.

See here for info on how to enable persistent storage and how to inspect the previous logs: raspbian - Is there a log of Pi reboots? - Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange

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Looks like when it locks up that the logs aren’t saved. I don’t know why. Oddly, when the board boots the subsequent time. The clock starts from where it died and then eventually syncs with the time server and corrects itself. It appears that I need to connect the serial console if I want any hope of figuring this out. Does nobody else use patchbox os headless?

BTW, Raspbian standard install doesn’t have this problem. Although, I only have a minimal set of things installed in Raspbian.