Harmonizer not working?


I’ve just got my PiSound today and started playing around with it. I’m running it with a RPi4, on the latest Patchbox OS and MODEP 1.8.0.

I tried a few plugins and everything seems to be working pretty well, a part from 2 minor bugs that I reported on github. What also stroke me was that the Harmonizer plugin was not working on my end. At least it was not doing what it is supposed to, though it is definitely doing something, as I can feel that the latency has increased (expected due to the FFT processing). Is it also the case for you?

I checked out this topic, which a few of the plugins, including the Harmonizer, were reported as not working. As this was an old topic and some other plugins on that list are indeed working now, I don’t expect it to be up to date.


The latest versions of the plugins source code as of 2020-02 was used to create the MODEP debs that get installed. Some of them may not work, it’s way too time consuming for us to test every one of them and make sure they work correctly. :slight_smile:

The Harmonizer plugins deb package build scripts and linked source code are here: https://github.com/BlokasLabs/modep-debs/tree/master/modep-lv2-mod-pitchshifter

If anyone manages to fix the plugin, let us know and we’ll update the deb package. :slight_smile:

That is fully understood. I was just wondering first of all if the Harmonizer was ever working for anyone, as it has been reported not to work. I wanted to exclude the possibility that the problem is with my setup.

As for the reported bugs on github, they are unrelated to the Harmonizer. Please let me know if I put them on the right repo. I wasn’t sure whether to put it into modep-debs or modep

Yes, modep-debs repo is fine - it spans the whole project. The modep repo is the old version where it was built into a standalone OS image.