Harmonic Rotator

I’ve been doing my research and am close to buying a MidiHub. I didnt see anything in the current pipes for what I want to do but its possible I’m missing the solution.

Is it possible to create a harmonic rotator? I play a C and in addition to the C, I get an F, G or D (or other defined notes) with each C played. In other words, I play C once and get C and F. Hit C again and get C and G, etc. And it just keeps rotating

I appreciate any info!


Hi Luperoni,
take a look at the Dispatcher and Harmonizer pipes.

Use the Editor to make a patch like this:
Screen Shot 2023-01-02 at 22.07.13

('course you won’t be able to test it until you get your 1st Midihub, but you can imagine!)


  1. 1st Note in goes to (say) Ch2, next to Ch3, 3rd to Ch4. Then repeats
  2. the Channel Filter only lets Ch2 through to pipeline2’s Harmonizer
  3. ditto for Ch3
  4. ditto for Ch4
  5. All the different Harmonies are collected, remapped to the desired channel and sent out to device

You can have up to 16 Harmonies by extending this arrangement. Or, of course, make some of them the same…

Welcome to the forum (& maybe Midihub soon!) btw…

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HarmonicRotator.mhp (1.1 KB)

There you go…

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