GuitarML LV2's released for MODEP

I have two LV2 plugins available for MODEP platforms, compiled for RPi3 running PatchboxOS-32bit, along with source code. Both of these use machine learning/neural networks to emulate a specific device.

TS-M1N3: TS-9 Pedal clone
DarkStar: Blackstar HT40 amp clone (gain knob modeled)

The LV2’s can be downloaded from the Github page:

Let me know if you have any issues running them, they are a work in progress. Relatively high cpu usage on the pi3 at around 20-25% but hoping to improve that. These are not part of the MOD environment yet, so you have to push them to the Pi-Stomp manually, instructions are in the above link.

For more info on what GuitarML is and the kind of plugins I develop, see my website: