Gracefully mute pd before closing patch

Hi folks,

Is there are neat way to gracefully mute then close pd when closing out of a patch? Right now I’m using the button to jump between patches. There is a jarring zipper sound every time I switch patches.

The PD is being closed by sending the process a SIGTERM (usually number 15) signal. This is the polite way to ask for a process to close. I think I remember running into this issue and the solution was to actually close the process less gracefully by issuing it a SIGKILL (usually number 9) signal instead. You may try modifying the /usr/local/pisound/scripts/common/ and change the killall puredata to:

killall -s SIGKILL puredata

# or

killall -s 9 puredata

OK cool thank you Giedrius! I will try that and report back :slight_smile: