Gpio Expand board recomendation


I would like to add some gpio buttons to my rasp. I have read in the forum that pisound does not use all the gpio pins… so I could use the free pins for my buttons and my addons.

My problem now is that pisound is physical connected to all the 40 raspberry pins… so I dont know how can I connect to them. I have no experience with the welder.

So, do you recommend me an expansion board or something to use the free pins in an easy weay


Easiest way to add more controls would be by using DIN-5 or USB MIDI controllers.

A bit more difficult way would be to use I²C communication to hook up something based on Arduino or some I²C GPIO expander chips.

Hello Giedrius! I’ve recently started to experiment with a self-contained Pisound that doesn’t relay on devices attached over USB. For this I was looking at adding potentiometers and LEDs via the GPIOs, and wanted to know if you had some recommendations in regards to integrating an i2c expander?

Nothing in particular to recommend, I’d look for chips that have drivers implemented in the Linux kernel used by the Raspberry Pi (browse the sources to see what’s included:

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