Getting started - trouble making a basic patch with Midihub

Hi all. Trying to distract myself from the shitshow that is living in America tonight by finally trying out the Midihub.

I’ve set up a basic preset that is sending MIDI A to MIDI D to control an old Roland JV-1010 sound module. It passes MIDI without an issue, and I can play using my device as a standard MIDI interface.

However, the moment I try to add any other filter, modifier, etc. to the chain, MIDI stops sounding. For example, adding REPEATER between FROM A and TO D simply results in the module not sounding. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.


Hi, there are a few pipes that also need clock to be able to produce messages.
Note Repeater pipe is one of them:

The notes produced are quantized to the tempo, so MIDI Clock messages must reach this pipe for it to be able to do its work.

Maybe try other, simpler pipes first (like eg. Transpose) between In and Out.
Tell us if it works now.


In case the external device does not generate clock messages on its own, you can get Midihub to do it, see an example for Arpeggiator here: