Getting ready for Pisound App update



We’re getting closer to releasing a new version of the app for Android.

If you have customized the pisound-ctl scripts on your installation, let us know how and whether we can integrate it into the official release, in order to make the update go smooth and avoid losing your time if something goes broken. :slight_smile:


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hello @Giedrius what I have done is I copied the scripts to a custom folder called /usr/local/pisound-ctl/emillo
that instead of searching /usr/local/puredata-patches for pd patches, searches for bash scripts in one /home/pi/bin , where I have a number of custom scripts each in its own directory.

Would that folder be deleted with the update?

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Hey, this folder will remain intact. However, any files that came with pisound-ctl.deb and you have modified would get overwritten. What I will do is add a ‘preinst’ hook to pisound-ctl.deb installer to make a backup of /usr/local/pisound-ctl to /usr/local/pisound-ctl-backups/… before the installer actually writes new stuff, this should allow not losing any significant changes.