Getting any CC LFO to work

Hello Hubbers,

I’m a relative newbie. This is my test project to get things up and running, but I’m failing badly. How can I get the LFO to work on my Korg NTS1. Channel 10, CC43 for filter cutoff, standalone (e.g. no keyboard attached, just running arpeggiator). Right now, if I set it up seemingly correctly, it blocks that very CC no. from coming through from the faderfox, but otherwise does nothing else. I’ve got a channel remap in place to make sure only 10 is getting through (tried also without the remap). I can basically never get any LFO to work. What am I missing? Thanks for any help.

Hey, can you please share your current preset file here? Also some details on how your other gear is hooked up to Midihub.

If your Korg is not sending out clock signals, you need to add a clock to your .mhp project and route it into the LFO modifier. Though the LFO can also be a generator and operate with its own clock.