Game pads in PD Vanilla

Hello everybody,

is there a way to use the game pads in Pure Data Vanilla?

Something equivalent to the “hid” object used in PD-extended.

Through the Pisound and Raspberry Pi3 I’m managing audio and midi inputs from acoustic and electronic instruments in PD Vanilla. All the system is managed through a hdmi 5 inch touchscreen and everything works very well together.

Now it would be nice to be able to use a USB game pad for more possibilities of control in PD Vanilla.

I recently received this controller ( ) and for the moment I tried it on Mac OS --> PD-extended --> “hid” object. Works fine.

Any ideas in PD Vanilla?

Thanks for your time and greetings,


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@Patrick_Pagano, you know a lot of PD objects :wink: Any idea where hid could be found for use in Vanilla or any alternative to it?