Freebsd driver?

Hi there!

I’m excited by my new pisound card. As a long-time Linux user and a growing RPi enthusiast, and finally and most importantly, a musician, this is right up my alley.

I have crazy thought, though, about the continued bloat of Linux in general, and am curious to try both a minimal Linux (headless, console only), or console-only Freebsd. This would be purely for performance reasons, as this DSP I want to do on the RPi doesn’t absolutely need a GUI, and I want to see how hard real-time I can get with the RPi, which is not otherwise known for that.

So–is it possible to use pisound with Freebsd? Are there drivers for it?



Hi, there is no driver written for Freebsd at the moment. You may find the Pisound’s driver for Linux here:

I am unfamiliar with Freebsd and its kernel, so I don’t know what it would take to port the driver to it…

Doing a minimal system based on Linux should definitely be possible.