Free up Gpio 17?

Hello there. is it possible to free up the usage of BCM pin 17 somehow? what is used for?

It’s used for the button. See related discussions: Search results for 'gpio 17' - Blokas Community

Btw, what do you intend to do with it? It might be easier to just pick another GPIO for other uses. If you must use the pin, then disable the pisound-btn service:

sudo systemctl disable pisound-btn
sudo systemctl stop pisound-btn

And try to use it. The pin has an RC filter circuit to reduce the noise of clicks though, so it may or may not interfere with what you want to use it for.

I intend to use A Pirimoni Shim little Hat which is using GPIO BCM4 (free) and 17 which is quite import for a correct Pisound usage as I see.
Will see if I can Use a differenr GPIO on that board then!